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Building and Pest Inspection Truganina

Going to be purchasing a property? A Building and Pest Inspection in Truganina is a must! We can quickly organise a Property Inspection before your cooling off period expires. Be better prepared with a Building and Pest Inspection.

Building and Pest Inspections in Truganina are usually completed within 2 hours. If possible, we strongly recommend you be present at the inspection. That way any concerns you have about the property can be address. If you cannot attend, then our inspector will call you after the Building Inspection to discuss the findings.

Like the name suggests, a Building and Pest Inspection consists of two different inspections. Our Building Inspectors carry out the Building and Pest inspection and completes a Building Report and a Timber Pest Report. These two reports comply with Australian Standards which outline the way we carry out the Home Inspection.

Building Inspection

Property Inspections are carried out by our fully licence and insured Building Inspector in accordance to Australian Standards. A visual inspection of all the interior and exterior of the property takes place to detect any cracks, defects or safety concerns. Property Inspectionscompare your property against a similar property of the same age and construction type. All variations to the normal condition are outlined in the report.

Timber Pest Inspection

It is important that the inspector that carries out the Timber Pest Inspection has a Timber Pest licence and is not just a qualified builder. All timber and structural frames, joists, rafters and bearers plus any joinery is thoroughly examined and reported on. Inside and outside are included in the report as is outdoor landscaping timbers, pavers, trees and tree stumps. The Timber Pest Inspections will report on areas of the dwelling and property which have current activity and/or pose a risk to favourable conditions for potential future activity. We use a number of tools to carry out Property Inspections and this includes:
  • A Moisture Meter – Termites are made up of 95% moisture.
  • Video Inspection/Borescope – Used to see inside wall cavities, trees and other voids.
  • Termatrac T3i – Worlds most accurate Termite Thermal Radar system.
  • Acoustic Probes – Used to hear Termite activity within walls.
Local knowledge is key with a Building and Pest Inspection in Truganina. Get peace of mind with 1300 Pest Control.