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How to organise a building and pest inspection in Melbourne.

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Have you found a property you want to buy in Melbourne? Whether it’s going for auction or a private sale, organising a building and pest inspection prior to settlement will help protect your investment. 

What does a building and pest inspector check for? 

Our professional building and pest inspectors conduct a thorough assessment of the property to identify any defects, issues or safety hazards. Soon after our detailed inspection, you will be emailed an in-depth report that comprehensively lists the minor and major defects affecting the home. 

The interior and exterior of your property will be inspected, including underfloor and subfloor spaces. We also check all wet areas including the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. plumbing and electrical checks are conducted, plus masonry and the yard is inspected. 

Our inspector will check for major and minor details which could include minor defects such as leaking taps or broken windows, or major defects like major structural damage, termite infestation or subsidence.

How to organise a building and pest inspection

If you’re about to bid on a property at auction, or have just put in an offer and signed a contract, you’ll need to organise a pre-purchase inspection. With Victorian contracts of property sale having a three day cooling off period, it needs to be conducted sooner rather than later. 

If you plan to bid at an auction, you need to organise a building and pest inspection before you attend an auction.  You’ll have results either the same day or the next business day. 

When you’re choosing a building and pest inspection company, you’ll need to find qualified inspectors that know what they’re doing. Always ask for a sample report before engaging the services of a registered building and pest inspectors, to ensure you’ll be provided with a comprehensive list of defects affecting the property. 

The easiest way to organise a pre-purchase inspection is to book online on our website or by calling 0408 666 539. Speak to one of our friendly team and we’ll be able to book you  in as soon as possible for an inspection. 

Building and pest inspections in Melbourne 

Some of the most common issues affecting properties in Melbourne are water leaks inside wall cavities, roof damage, termite infestation, ventilation problems, drainage issues and subsequent major structural defects. 

To find these issues you need an inspector with extensive experience and skills. At Building and Pest Inspection Melbourne our qualified inspectors have worked for years in the industry and are fully insured registered building practitioners.  

How much does a building and pest inspection cost? 

As a first home buyer, you’re probably wondering how much building and pest inspections cost.

At Building Inspections Melbourne, we will carry out building and pest inspections within 3 days, with a same day report. 

$450* + gst for pre-auction inspection. 

$500 * + gst for pre-purchase. 

*This price includes up to 4 bedrooms. 

Ready to book a pre-purchase inspection? Book online today or contact Building and Pest Inspection Melbourne on 0408 666 539. 

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