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What do Building and Pest Inspectors look for?

Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Report

What do building and pest inspectors look for?

On this page we explain: “What do Building and Pest Inspectors look for?” But first, a few quick points to note:

  • A pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection and the reports SHOULD be conducted in accordance with Australian Standards series 4349 but many are NOT.
  • Building and Pest Inspectors SHOULD be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance but many are NOT.
  • Pest Inspectors must be qualified BUT Building Inspectors are NOT required to be Licenced Builders.

We have been serving home buyers since 2010 with more than 5000 happy customers. We guarantee a comprehensive pre-purchase Building and Pest inspection report by a licenced builder and qualified pest inspector within 3 business days.

Our Pest Inspectors do a thorough visual inspection of all accessible areas including the interior, the roof void, sub-floor, and exterior of the property for termites and termite damage using state of the art Termite Detection technology. Preventative termite management measures are recommended. Our Pest Inspection report gives you the Peace of Mind that the house is termite free.

Our Building Inspectors are experienced Licenced Builders with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

The Building Inspection is a visual inspection of accessible areas of the interior and exterior of your property to detect safety hazards, major defects, minor defects and general maintenance. One or more photos are included to highlight each defect. We apply our Moisture Meter extensively to identify defects relating to leaking and dampness issues, commonly found in the wet areas. Our comprehensive Building Inspection report gives you the Peace of Mind and knowledge you need to complete, or terminate, this property purchase with confidence.

We conduct the electrical checks that we can by law, including turning on light switches to check for flickering; the condition of the meter box; plus the presence of smoke alarms and safety switches.

Our plumbing checks include flushing toilets to check function and drainage; plus the gutters and downpipes for rust, damage and blockages. We also turn on taps to check for hammering and poor drainage.

In the yard we note defects to boundary fences and gates, the clothesline, garden shed, paths, driveways and retaining walls.

On the roof exterior we check the condition of cladding, fascia/barge boards, flashings, gutters and downpipes, the soffit/eaves and valleys. Broken tiles, rust and water damage are noted. Fungal growth is a sign that water is pooling.

Masonry walls are closely examined for defects such as bricks fretting, cracking, damp damage, differential damage, inadequate joint sealant, mortar eroding, blocked vents, visible flashings and weep hole ventilation.

In the exterior, we note the condition of paint, any damp damage or cladding defects; maintenance items for outdoor structures including decks, balconies, patios, verandahs or pergolas; plus defects and safety hazards relating to handrails, steps, stairs and ramps.

In the interior, all rooms are inspected for building defects to the ceiling, doors, floor, painting, walls and windows.

In the laundry and kitchen, we also note visible defects to bench tops, doors, drawers and cabinets; sink, splashbacks, taps and waste traps. The rangehood fan is tested for function.

Built elements that commonly have defects due to wear and tear in bathrooms include the vanity, basin, bath, mirror, shower, shower screen, splashbacks, taps, waste traps, toilet cistern and pan. Ventilation, and exhaust fan function, is noted.

In the roof space we identify any issues relating to coverage, framing, insulation, parti wall and sarking.

The underfloor space is generally the last area we inspect because this area is often cramped, dirty and covered in spider webs! For structural reasons, it is very important to check the condition of bearers, joists, piers or stumps; note any cracked or leaking pipes, dampness, ventilation or drainage issues. We note and recommend removal of any debris or stored items that could encourage termites and other pests including rodents to choose your new home as their home too!

We can provide estimated cost of building repairs and can advise if the property is likely to contain Asbestos. We can also offer any building advice if you are considering renovation plans, removing walls, or adding a deck at no extra charge. If something you want checked isn’t noted above, just ask us. We can accommodate most requests.

When asking, “What do Building and Pest Inspectors look for?” consider WHO is looking on your behalf. The value you receive from a pre-purchase Building and Pest inspection varies significantly. You can see from our 5 star reviews and testimonials that we offer very fair prices for our great customer service combined with comprehensive verbal & written reports.

We guarantee a comprehensive pre-purchase Building and Pest inspection report within 3 business days.

$500 +gst for Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection Report

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